Boone's Creek Baptist Church
Thursday, January 21, 2021


Boone's Creek Baptist Church was organized in 1785 by Elders John Talyor and John Tanner with 18 original members.  Prominant among the founders were Daniel Boone's brother Samuel with wife Sarah.

As part of the church's bicentennial celebration in 1985, Tim Capps wrote a historical summary of our church history.  This summary can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

 History of Boone's Creek Baptist Church

From the forward:

Histories are written by the people who live them, and are recorded by those who wish to learn from the experiences of their forebearers something about the legacy they have inherited. Those persons who are members of Boone's Creek Baptist Church in its 200th year can take comfort in the knowledge that theirs is a rich tradition, made so by the faith, determination, courage, and character of those who passed this way since 1785. While the church has certainly had its tedious times and moments of contention, the Lord has never left its side, and it stands today in this community as a monument to what the will of God can do when His people accept that will and follow his pathway. 

November 1985

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