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What is TeamKID?

TeamKID is a recreation-based discipleship club for three-year-olds through kindergarten and for children in grades 1-6.

There are five parts of a TeamKID meeting, with each one flowing into the next to keep the pace moving with non-stop energy:

  • Warm-up is the opening activity that begins as soon as the first child arrives at TeamKID.
  • Workout is 30 minutes of energized, interactive Bible study as children hear or experience a Bible story, learn a Bible verse, and pray.
  • Stretching is when three-year-olds through kindergarten or children in grades 1-6 apply what they have learned in Workout with fun activities from the Activity Books.
  • Tournament is a time to run, play, and laugh with 20 minutes of fun games and activities that reinforce the Bible study.
  • Cool Down is the final 10 minutes of the meeting and includes refreshments and review of what they have learned.

TeamKID is designed for children to do more than memorize Scripture. It helps children understand what the verses they memorize mean because all parts of the TeamKID meeting focus on one Bible message. The noncompetitive games, Bible story, memory verse, refreshments, and conclusion all contribute to help children understand and apply God's Word to their lives.

TeamKID recognizes each child for attending the meetings, completing Bible-related work, and bringing friends with them. Because children earn stickers they can redeem for items in a TeamKID Store, accomplishments between children are not compared to one another as it would be if children earned patches or some other kind of visible reward.


TeamKID's Bounce U Outing, September 11, 2013:



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Easter Egg Hunt:


Trunk or Treat (Oct 2011):


 TeamKid Outing at Baesler Farm (2010):







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